From The Dean of Faculty

Dear Students ,As I welcome you to the new academic year, I would like to share with you the mission and values of the Boğaziçi University School of Engineering ( BUSoE ), and briefly remark about our expectations from you in your future engineering careers.The mission of B.U School of Engineering is to educate individuals for career of leadership and innovations in industry, government and educational institutions; to expand the engineering knowledge base through original research; to contribute through professional services towards more prosperous and sustainable society.

To meet this mission, B.U offers an active and collaborative educational environment with a highly interactive, integrative and innovative climate. It is this atmosphere that provides you excellent opportunities to enhance yout capabilities of critical thinking and creative problem solving, your skills of effective communication and teamwork. This climate is essential to prepare you for the challenging engineering profession in which you will frequently face complex, open-ended, real world problems and continuously search for creative solutions. It is through this intellectually stimulating environment that you learn how to lerarn and strengthen the foundation for lifelong learning in your future career.

Academic excellence in our educational programs is internationally well recognised based on our faculty, curricula, students and institutional commitment. All of our six undergraduate engineer program have been evaluated by ABET ( Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology ) and found equivalent to those of accredited universities from the U.S.A with similar engineering programs.

All of you, being among the top ranking students to enter BUSoE increase our responsibility as well as you responsibility towards our society and the world. We, as the faculty members, should act as your facilitator in the learning process and guide you in the best possible way to enhance your capabilities not only to cope with the rapidly changing world but also to shape the future proactively in the knowledge-based age. I would like to view the future role of each of you as a triple agent ( 3*A) in promoting excellence. First of all, you are expected to act as a “knowledge agent” to contribute continuously to knowledge creation throughout your future professional life. Knowledge production is a shared responsibility of B.U community including our faculty, students and alumni. Secondly, you shoul play the role of a “change agent” in your future careers, being aware of the accelerating pace of scientific and technological change. Finally and most importantly, you shoul be very firm and alert as a ” moral agent” being aware of the ethical and sustainability issues and the impacts of your decisions upon the society.

I also strongly encourage you to join ENSO and other student clubs and organizations since they complement significantly the academic curriculum giving you ample opportunity to practice your leadership skills.

Prof. Dr H. Levent AKIN
Former Dean, School of Engineering
September 2014