From The President of ENSO

Home for those who love to dream and work as a team to make this dream come true, bringing together their creativity and hard work to be successful but never fail to entertain themselves even in the hardest times of struggle.

I am sure that society’s top leaders of today and of future, who never give up from their aims in theirsleepless eyes, have a couple of memories like you all will have, in that small, warm and nice roomfullfriendship, love, sadness and happiness, calmness and enthusiasm…

As you take role being a part of ENSO, you will discover that at least one of theseis appropriate for you and the success you will reach will be the best proof for you.

We invite you all, no matter what your major is, to join us to make your dreams come true and have a lifetime experience.


On the behalf of ENSO ’18