ICAMES (International Cultural and Academic Meeting of Engineering Students) which is held annually by the Engineering Society of Bogazici University (ENSO) in Turkey is going to be organized for the 28th time. (13-19 May 2023)

This is a world-wide engineering project competition. The only prerequisite for a project to participate is that it should deal with engineering techniques and of course must be prepared by undergraduate students.

*No fee is charged from our participants in any part of our competition.

This year’s main concept is “Smart Cities”. You are expected to handle the aspect(s) of a city within this concept and come up with a project to improve and/or make it more common. These aspects may include, but not restricted to, structural, infrastructural, operational, organizational and mobility related changes or improvements in cities. Your project can incorporate one or more subtopics related to improvements/changes in cities and it doesn’t need to be completely topic related, but is encouraged to make a connection with the concept. You must also approach the concept with engineering methods while constructing your project.

Projects evaluation will be done by the Professors of Bogazici University.

You can apply ICAMES’23 from here.

Alternatively, contact us by e-mail: