ICAMES 2022 somehow managed to be both the best conference and holiday I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. It was obvious the organizers put a lot of effort into providing the best possible experience for the participants. They always tried to help us with any problems we had and involve us in fun activities and networking events. I had the opportunity to learn about many different fields of engineering, meet young researchers from all over the world and experience Turkish life and culture. I definitely plan on going back if I have the opportunity!

Victor Vinteler,Babeș-Bolyai University  

ICAMES 2014, Although they were 7 stays in time but a long story, lifelong friends, best experience in my life. I am really glad to had participated in ICAMES where I have now a lot of friends from all over the world, where I had fun and spent most interesting time ever.I can remember each day with all details starting from gathering at the airport to the Fuga party to Boshorus tour and Hamam, Bogazici university and the presentations, cultural night and Bowling.Thanks Türkiye,Thanks ICAMES! 

Eslam Raouf,Cairo University

When I informed my advisor, family, and friends that I’m preparing to attend a conference at Istanbul, they all asked the same question: “If you have the opportunity to present your project at the States, why are you going to ICAMES?” Although at that moment, defensively, I presented them all with valid reasons that question remained a dilemma in my head until meeting ENSO’s team. Today, after the end of that tremendous journey, I have an inexpressible answer for that question. Where to begin? From engineering concepts that were discussed or sustainability speeches that were delivered? And where to end? From costumes, languages, and cultures that were shared or friendships that were cherished? However, behind all the everlasting bittersweet memories that outline our unforgettable experience, ENSO’s team deeply will engrave in my mind. I won’t forget those sophomore and freshmen students who spent and sacrificed long days to organize that meeting even when they were supposed to be studying for their finals. That means a lot for us! In my turn, I would like to invite you all to visit us at Arizona: The Grand Canyon State. Well done ENSO, keep up the good work!

Abbas Chokor ,Arizona State University

Dear ENSO,
My personal experience, at ICAMES 2014, has been without any doubt one of the most beautiful and unforgettable of my life. I’m totally sincere about this. I had never lived nothing similar beforeJ.
At ICAMES I’ve had the opportunity to hear about lots of interesting and innovative projects developed by my friends, engineering students coming from all over the world, and I have been able to visit a wonderful city; in my opinion Istanbul is so special since it links together the European and the Asian continent: here the occidental and the oriental cultures meet, compare, integrate each other, finding a great mutual and harmonious enrichment. It is the sultans’ city, the city of fairy tales for European children, with its mosques, its muezzins’songs, the unique atmosphere of Grand Bazar. It is the city of Haghia Sophia, one of the world top modern monuments, the city of wonderful bridges, of the underground tank and of Topkapi Palace.
Furthermore, in addition to these aspects, the thing that above all I will bring forever in my heart about this unforgettable experience, will be the friendship that I have established with people coming from sixteen different nations, if I remember correctly, spread all over the world, from South America to Europe, from Asia to Africa. I think that this aspect is very enriching for the interior personal growth, a luggage that a man will bring inside himself during all his future life; such experience related to cultural exchange remembers us that all the word populations have to be united in peace because we are all brothers and racism, discriminations are very nonsense. It seems to be obvious especially in such meeting events but it is not, incredibly neither nowadays. The higher expression of this spirit of brotherhood and cultural exchange, I think, there have been at “Culture Night”, when tasting meals from all over the world, exchanging and wearing historical dresses and especially watching videos in which each country has presented its best, have been wonderful moments. In particular I have got to know lots of Turkish people, but also Lebanese, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Japanese people above all. Speaking with them about their cultures, their countries, their ways of life and telling them mines has been wonderful for me.
Turkish guides have been very kind, always ready to help us and give us whatever we need; in general, in my opinion Turkish people are very funny, kind, simple and hospitable. Organization of the event has been perfect! Events such as pool party, culture night, but also boat tour along the Bosphorus, bowling night, Turkish bath have been very funny.  I congratulate with you for the great success of the meeting. I’m sure I will come back soon to Istanbul and I would be glad to show you all,  Italy and in particular my land, Liguria! Hoping to see you soon!
Thank you for all 🙂

Christian Bartolucci,University of Genoa

Participating in the 20th ICAMES was one of a kind experience.  A seamless organization and an enjoyable program made us, the participants, spend 7 memorable days in ICAMES in Istanbul. Engineers from more than 15 different countries took part in the conference. The projects were very interesting and enriched my knowledge in various industries and technologies. On the more fun side of things, our program was filled with great touristic and social activities: Sightseeing, cultural events, Turkish bath, parties, Demirler nights you name it! I would like to thank ENSO and the organizing committee for holding such a great event, the guides who did an incredible job to assist us during the whole conference and last but not least every single participant who added a special flavor to this journey. Numerous countries, different cultures, One small world! Until we meet again!

Samer Hodroj,American University of Beirut

For me, ICAMES was a great experience and also great opportunity to meet interesting young people from around the world, meet their cultures and share innovative ideas with them.
I learnt so much from ICAMES experience but what I think was most important about this trip were the friendships we made.
After I came home, I had mixed feelings.
I was sad it was over, but at the same time I was very happy to had a privilege to be invited to the meeting and to had opportunity to meet all those wonderful people and beautiful city of Istanbul.                                                                                                       
One is sure, I will never forget that perfect week I spent on that beautiful place with amazing people.

Sanda Lucic,University of Osijek

The ICAMES week was definitely the highlight of my senior year, and will hold a special place in my heart for the years to come. Not only did I meet incredible people from all around the world, but I also got to listen to some truly interesting projects, and got introduced to different cultures. Oh, and let’s not forget how amazing Istanbul is (and the partying, oh the partying!) Thank you for the crazy memories (and all the places to crash at when I’m touring the world!)

Daniela Ashoush,American University of Beirut and Oxford University

This year’s edition of the ICAMES conference in Istanbul was even more inspiring and challenging than the first one I’ve attended, with extremely innovative projects and well prepared teams from all over the world, whom I admired and befriended almost instantly. The goal of ICAMES is to bring young engineers together and encourage them to think outside the box and design all sorts of engineering projects in their finite, applicable form.
This year there were twenty one teams and each of them held a presentation regarding their chosen project, the winning team having been decided after all the presentations were finished.
Me and my team, we represented the “Romanian Technical University Gheorghe Asachi “of Iasi and addressed the issue of global warming. We thought of a way to take this climate
hazard and turn it around to benefit man: thus our project, “A Sustainable Solar-Passive Residential House” described the conception and design of a two-storey residential house from Gaziantep, Turkey, which uses solar power instead of electricity and home gas heating, minimizing carbon emission. Because nowadays, the Earth’s ecosystems are at a critical stage, it is important to design buildings that are sustainable: able to maintain the life at a specific level quality for a period of time.
In making this project we encountered two challenges: the first one was the finding of a proper compact shape of the house following the Sun-paths for a combination of active and passive solar energy to supply the heating-cooling demands.
The second challenge was the designing of structural system to support all loading that act on house placed in a Mediterranean climate with a seismic risk. Nonetheless we were very proud of our end result, and the ICAMES mentors and competing teams were impressed as well. If applied, the results of our project guarantee the reduction of greenhouse effect and gas emissions in a household, and enables the dwelling family to enjoy the freedom of generating their own electricity, and the financial bliss of a much smaller utility bill. 
Our one week program was dense and structured, yet included some hours of free time every day. We had the chance to visit iconic tourist attractions  (The Rumelihisarı Museum, Miniatürk Park, Turkish Baths, The Sultan Ahmet Mosque) and learn about Turkish history and traditions, experiencing them first hand. Our hosts also organized some great activities for us like a boat tour on the Bosphorus strait, the gala ceremony, a bowling night, BBQ and pool night, a cultural night, and even a closing ceremony concert.
Thanks to the ICAMES editions I, as a student and future engineer, am becoming a more informed, more prepared and more vision-oriented individual, looking forward to expanding and applying the information as I gather it, in a way that is relevant to the age we all are living in. The seven days spent there flew us by in no time but the happy memories, the fresh dose of motivation and the great friends remain even to this day.

Gavrilas Otniel,University of Bochum