12 Oca 2018


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# What: Motivational Event of LBG Bogazici – ICAMES+
# When: 8th May – 12th May
# Where: Istanbul
# Who: Participants
# DL to apply: 27.04.2016 23:00 CET
# How: No need for special application. Just apply!
# Fee: 50€
Hey Besties!
We want you to go crazyy in our international cultural week. And we claim that this is the BEST week you can have on to shore of Bosphrus!

You haven’t meet us before?

Never been to Istanbul?

Want to join something new?


OBG Bogazici is organazing an cultural event called ICAMES for 22nd years and this is the time for BESTies to become a part of it!

What we do in this days?

Conquer the fascinating Istanbul with city tours, get to know new cultures in Culture Night, drink raki as much as you can on Turkish Night, get lost in House Party, ofcourse meet new people and have unforgetable crazy, sleepless week!!!

What is ICAMES+ ?

ICAMES(International Cultural Academic Meeting of Engineering Students) is an international project competition where can participants attended without any fee if their project is approved. If you want to apply with your project fill this form. ICAMES+ is the leisure part of this competition where you can enjoy the week.

What the fee includes?

Accommodation, transportation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tshirt, alcohols in special events, city rally, Bosphorus view and lots of fun and new people!!!

No need to prepare anything for application, just APPLY!

*due to the accommodation quota, first applications will be approved.

Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to ask (gazel.oner@gmail.com) questions.


Hugs and Kisseessss


Gazel Öner


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