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    ICAMES International Cultural and Academic Meeting of Engineering Students

ICAMES (International Cultural and Academic Meeting of Engineering Students) which is held annually by the Engineering Society of Bogazici University in Turkey is getting started for the 25th time. ( 8 – 14 May 2020 )

This is a world-wide engineering project competition. The only prerequisite for a project to participate is that it should deal with engineering techniques and of course must be prepared by undergraduate students.  All the expenses of the participants are covered by the Organization Committee of ICAMES 2020 including food, accommodation, entertainment etc.  except the travel expenses.As it is said on the above, this year is 25th year of ICAMES. Owing to this, we decided that this year, all subjects will be allowed for the candidate projects but we strongly recommend you to consider that the criteria listed below will be essential for the selection process. Criteria will be important both on the selection and rating processes and the detailed mail about ranking procedures will be delivered after your project is selected. Teams will be rewarded by ICAMES Project Competition Trophy. If you participate with a project, that concerns about the criteria listed below, you will become a candidate for these prizes. 

Details about the winner awards will be announced in upcoming weeks. Candidate projects which include such a connection will be more likely to be elected as a participant. 

The applied projects will be evaluated with the criteria:

– Novelty/Excellence

– Difficulty/Complexity

– Neatness/Clarity

– Contribution/Impact

Application for ICAMES 2020:

To participate ICAMES , you should download application form from the website of ICAMES and after filling it you should send the form to icames@boun.edu.tr .(Your project description must be minimum half page and maximum one page)
Application form: click here


Handing in Project Proposals and Application Forms March 15th, 2020 

Notification of Acceptance March 21st, 2020  

Final Program Announcement April 13rd, 2020

Presentation Days May 9th, 10th 2020

Alternatively, contact us by e-mail: